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      Hello & Welcome

      Here at RenataJean, we create original designs and illustrations that will bring you a bit of joy and a smile as you go about your day. 
      We stand for inclusivity, treating all with respect and dignity, and supporting women in every stage. Because...someone's got to. 
      We hope when you carry one of our pieces you feel a bit braver, a bit stronger, and a bit fierce.

      Core Values

      Personal connection: You belong here, there is no other
      Learn from everyone, everywhere: You have so much to offer
      Be a positive force in the world: You got this!


      Meet Renata

      Along with being a friend, a wife, and a mom of 3 boys, I am a self-taught Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer! I work from my home outside of Portland, Or and take full advantage of living in the Pacific Northwest.

      The art and designs that I am most drawn to are modern digital art with bold, bright colors. I enjoy working with gouache, watercolors and digital vectors in my own patterns. I find that my inspiration comes from comics, nature, and snarky humor. And wine...always wine.

      On a perfect day, you might find me tasting delicious wine, eating good food, and relaxing with a good book.